Renters: Residential

Tenants who choose McSherry Property Management know how much we give importance and value to residential properties. Our dream and goal are to provide tenants with a safe, comfortable, and modern home they’d love to keep for years. From the traditional single-family home to luxury apartments, to 2-bedroom house for rent, we bring you apartment complexes near different districts, depending on your needs.

We handle apartment complexes, 5-bedroom houses for rent, and event loft apartments for different renters in Philadelphia with specific needs. We at McSherry pride ourselves in the art of communication, because this is at the heart of our operations, too. We are here to help you find your dream home.


Why choose McSherry to rent a new home?

From providing an ever-responsive 24/7 maintenance hotline to creating convenient methods to stay updated with your account, McSherry Property Management brings 50 years of expertise to the table to ensure that each tenant gets memorable, the first-class service from the very beginning. Look no further than our site if you have been searching for the perfect home in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

McSherry Property Management specializes in providing immediate response maintenance, online pay, and a secure renter portal/tenant portal. All pertinent data are stored in our state-of-the-art data center, and you can access your data 24/7, wherever there is an internet connection.


Available Properties for Every Budget and Lifestyle

Think about what home means to you. Get that perfect image in your mind. Now let McSherry Property Management bring this image to life.

Properties at McSherry include single-family homes, buildings, and multi-family structures like duplexes and triplexes. We have an intimate understanding of people’s residential needs. From utmost privacy and quiet to open and nurturing communities in some of Philadelphia’s best neighborhoods, we hear you, and we understand what you want. Our McSherry Experts can help match you to your dream homes amazingly fast.


Philadelphia Rentals: Types of Property to Rent

  1. Property to rent or rental property is a type of property where the owner receives payment for occupying or using the said property.
  2. The single-family home or the single-family detached home is likely the most popular of all apartments and is characterized as a free-standing residential structure. Single-family homes often share a wall with another structure. A unit is classified as a single-family home if it does not share equipment and facilities with another home.
  3. Multi-bedroom apartments are often categorized based on how many rooms there are, such as a 2-bedroom house for rent, 3-bedroom house for rent, 4-bedroom house for rent, and a 5-bedroom house for rent.
  4. Luxury apartments are a type of high-end apartment. Luxury apartments usually possess several or all of these characteristics:
    • Large and spacious environs
    • Located in premium districts or locations
    • High-end appliances
    • On-site parking (sometimes there is valet parking as well)
    • Fitness centers
    • Swimming pools
    • Spas
    • Other amenities
  1. A loft apartment used to be apartments made from spaces initially intended for industrial use. This was the historical origin of the loft apartment. Loft apartments tended to have high ceilings and exposed beams and piping. Brick walls are also common in loft apartments. Modern loft apartments aren’t all constructed from previous industrial spaces.The modern iterations of the loft apartment only mimic the loft apartments of the previous generation. Property owners invest in them because of the consistent demand for loft apartments. Lofts differ from more traditional apartments or housing units by design. There are usually two kinds of apartments – the studio-type one and the multi-bedroom apartment.
  1. Apartment complexes are buildings that contain multiple, separate apartment units. The term refers to the structure, and the structure is more than just a home. Apartment complexes are built with the idea of keeping the complex stable for many, many years. Apartment complexes often have several or all of the following: a leasing office, stairwells, curbs, street lights, large parking spaces, balconies and patios, dumpsters, key cards for the complex’s common rooms, and electronic gates. The people who live in a complex are collectively referred to as the apartment community. Additionally, apartment complexes may have other amenities that make your stay even better.