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The Benefits of Our Innovative Property Management

At McSherry Property Management, we believe in being fully transparent with our clients and always allowing them access to vital information pertaining to their investments. We have partnered with a compelling global property management service to provide our clients with the best experience.

What Clients Get

We ensure you receive: concise and accurate owner statements covering the previous month’s performance of your property, year-end statements, annual rent analysis, ACH electronic payment, an owner online portal, and 24/7 secure data access for both commercial and residential properties.

We keep your property data stored away in a secured state-of-the-art facility that you can access anytime from anywhere with an internet connection.

Full Service Management Package

Our property management services include rent collection, monthly statements, owner distributions, 1099s, tenant take over (existing), maintaining master log and keys, applying and renewing your Philadelphia rental license, property set-up with photos, maintaining security and rent deposits, and more.

  • Rent Collection
  • Owner Distributions
  • Monthly Statements
  • 1099’s
  • Year End Statements
  • Owner Online Portal
  • Maintain Security & Last Months’s Rent Deposits
  • Initial Property Set-Up with Photos
  • Tenant Take Over (existing)
  • Maintain Master Keys and Log
  • ACH Electronic Payment
  • Philadelphia Rental License Apply/Renew
  • Annual Rent Analysis

Lease Only Management Package

Our lease-only management package includes move-in or out, new tenant screening (evictions, credit, and background checks), market rent analysis, professional advertising, tenant lease renewal, and placement fee, and semiannual inspections.

  • New Tenant Screening (Background Check, Credit Check, Evictions Check)
  • Move in/Move Out
  • Market Rent Analysis
  • Professional Advertising
  • Lease Renewal Inspections
  • Semi Annual Inspection – Includes Changing HVAC Filters
  • New Tenant Placement Fee
  • Evictions

Maintenance Only

If you are looking for maintenance only, we have a great plan for you that includes: routine repairs possibly using third-party vendors/contractors, rent-ready turnarounds, utility management, preventative maintenance and inspections, general and major repairs, renovations, coordination maintenance, and all handyman services.

  • Utility Mangement
  • Meet someone at property (Appraiser, insurance agent, city inspector etc)
  • Rent Ready – Tenant Turns
  • Preventative Mainteance Inspection
  • Routine Repairs – Handyman Services
  • Repair/Maintenance Oversight – Third party Vendors/Contractors
  • Oversee Insurance Claim
  • Oversee Owners Vendor (if vacant) Includes paying invoices
  • Major Renovations, Extra Ordinary Work, and Maintenance Coordination

Home Watch Service

Call for Custom Pricing!

If you need someone to temporarily monitor your property while you are away, McSherry got you covered.

We offer a program called “Snowbird & Vacant Home Monitoring”, in which our skilled agents watch over your investment for you. These agents are trained in property management technology and provide our clients with essential updates and inspection details to give you peace of mind.

How Our Billing Works

We bill our services on either a monthly basis or individually. No long-term contracts. We accept credit cards, checks, or automatic payment deductions from your bank account.

Note: There is a 3% convenience fee assessed to the full amount when paying with a credit card. The nominal 3% fee is applied for coordinating/scheduling services and repairs. In addition, contractors’ and vendors’ service costs are separate from our service pricing.

Custom Plans Available at Competitive Pricing

McSherry Property Management offers custom plans that cater to your unique needs. For property management, everyone has different requirements, which is why we have custom plans and pricing available. Pricing depends on the type of property we will be working with and the services you desire. Our fees are extremely competitive and 100% transparent. Contact us for custom pricing.

We Are Your Best Choice for Property Management in Northeast Philly

McSherry Property Management in Northeast Philadelphia is guaranteed your best choice for Pennsylvania real estate management services. Backed by our excellent reputation, we are committed to providing our clients with cost-effective, beneficial solutions.  

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