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Owning and investing properties in Northeastern Philadelphia, Lower Bucks, Eastern Montgomery, Bristol, and Jenkintown is undoubtedly a fantastic investment. However, like other investments renting out residential properties does come with its own set of headaches.

Since 1956, McSherry Property Management has been advising, assisting, and supporting investors in Philadelphia and other surrounding areas. We also help both owners and tenants in Lower Buck and Eastern Montgomery. Our ultimate aim is to increase your ROI, reduce the headaches associated with dealing with tenants, improve upon existing maintenance systems, and upgrade the long-term value of your properties. What’s more is we are committed to preserving your residential properties and caring for them, too.

McSherry Property Management prides itself on being an innovative and strategic, full-service residential property management company that can help with portfolios, owner funds, collections, repairs, inspection, marketing, and tenant screenings. We are a professional company with an excellent reputation.

Custom Solutions for Residential Property Owners

Customized solutions are a must, as residential properties are as unique as the needs of the owners. McSherry Property Management always works with specific end-goals in mind. You don’t have to change how you do things – we take your existing method and improve upon them. We plan around what you have already built and made good rental experiences memorable. McSherry Property Management has spent 50 years ensuring the best possible advice and plans to residential property owners in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Expect Only the Best from McSherry Real Estate

McSherry Real Estate currently manages over 400 units. These units include multi-family structures, apartment complexes, and single-detached homes. McSherry Property Management can help in renovating residential properties and selling, managing, and investing in new properties.

Whatever you can need as an investor and property owner, we can help bring into reality. With our many years of experience, McSherry has invested in resources, staff, and expertise that make complex processes automated and straightforward. When you work with McSherry, expect great things to happen:

  • Property owners will always be informed of what’s happening to your properties. Never feel that you were unprepared, or you were kept out of the day to day work on your properties. We will always inform you about important tasks and events, from changes in the market to maintenance needs for any of your properties.
  • McSherry will always be responsive and accessible. We are committed to being ever-present and ever-available for both residential tenants and business owners. We believe that working closely together is the key to a great partnership as we work to achieving your goals.
  •         We offer highly competent and state-of-the-art, full-service management, with a comprehensive suite of services covering tenant screening, marketing, inspection, repairs, collections, owner funds, and portfolio management, with a reasonable property management fee.
  •  At McSherry, we make sure that everything that we do and accomplish is all about you. We find ways to ensure that you are spending less and earning more with McSherry.
  • We value business partnerships, above all. Personal relationships with tenants and owners are essential to effective property management. Creating a valuable and memorable rental experience sets apart your properties from hundreds of others. Luckily, we know how to make this relationship thrive.

Do You Need a Property Management Company in Philadelphia?

Whether you are in Jenkintown, Bristol, Eastern Montgomery, Lower Bucks, or Northeastern Philadelphia, the demands of property management are unceasing. They will only increase over time, significantly if you are diversifying your portfolio.

How do you know that it is the right time to let a professional property management company in Philadelphia take care of tenant screening, owner funds, portfolio management, collections, inspection, and repairs? Here are some instances when it would be perfect to partner with McSherry Property Management:

  • Your property is part of a housing program. Landlords who participate in housing programs are required to provide housing to tenants below a specific income level. In return, the landlord receives tax credits, a low-interest loan or a grant, in some instances. To continue getting this assistance from the government, the landlord must comply with a complicated set of rules. McSherry excels in compliance, and we make sure that you stay on top regardless of how many changes happen in housing program regulations.
  • You don’t want employees. When a property manager begins hiring people to perform work regularly around one or more properties, he becomes an employer. Becoming an employer means you also have to comply with any legal requirements. You will be in charge of payroll. If you don’t want these concerns to get in the way of you working on your business, let a property management company handle these concerns for you. You will be able to avoid all the hassles associated with becoming an instant employer, too.
  • You can’t keep up with all the tasks. Managing properties isn’t easy, period. It takes an entire village to maintain different properties, and all the time needed to be combined will take your breath away. With so much time at stake, it is an intelligent move to let a property management company handle all the time-consuming aspects of running your residential properties.
  • You can afford the property management fee. McSherry Property Management’s fees are affordable and benefit owners, 100%. We offer affordable and sensible plans for owners who want to work with us. In return, we exert 100% effort in shortening vacancy times to a minimum and marketing your properties as they should be marketed. We are also highly responsive to tenant issues and maintenance calls, and we have several perfected systems in place to handle all problems related to renting residential units.
  • You are not committed to hands-on management. Some property owners cannot  manage their properties on their own. Many investors have other day jobs and are preoccupied with other businesses. Of course, you don’t want your properties to dwindle and depreciate just because you don’t have time to work on them in a hands-on manner.