Owners: Commercial

McSherry Manages Your Commercial Investment

McSherry Property Management makes sure that owners who entrust us with their properties and investments can maximize what the Philadelphia real estate market can offer. While investing is super important in today’s market climate, no doubt investing in commercial properties can also become the source of stress and headaches. No matter how small the commercial property is, there is always a ton of moving parts involved.

We make sure that the property management fee that you pay will generate higher ROI now that you are no longer self-managing your commercial property. We can also help landlords or owners with tenant screening, processing owner funds in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

McSherry Property Management is a professional, full-service commercial and residential property management company with a great reputation. McSherry will gladly help with the maintenance, sales, and enhancements of critical assets of your commercial properties. We presently manage over 400 different properties. At McSherry Property Management, we have already done it all in the 50 years we’ve led in the industry, serving commercial property owners in Northeastern Philadelphia, Lower Bucks, Eastern Montgomery, Bristol and Jenkintown. Let our wealth of experience serve your needs.

Custom Commercial Property Management

While change has always been inevitable, McSherry Property Management itself in all its 50 years of existence in its unwavering work ethic and commitment to bringing the most benefit to our clients. Our professional and customized solutions have met the needs of countless property owners before, and these solutions will also work for you. We already have a polished management plan for all kinds of properties. This management plan is geared toward helping property owners attain their investment goals.

What You Can Expect from McSherry Real Estate:

– A robust, customized plan with your vision and goals at the center. You will earn more and spend less on your investments and properties as we facilitate the transfer of owner funds and handle your portfolio, collections, repairs, inspection, tenant screen and marketing.

– We believe in solid business partnerships. Establishing personal relations with owners and tenants is the cornerstone of our corporate mentality here at McSherry Property Management. We want to create valuable and memorable rental experiences that will mutually benefit all parties. We excel in making these relationships work.

– Full-service management with a world-class touch. Our comprehensive services cover all of the essential processes, including advertising, background checks, tenant placement, leasing, and maintenance. We are also experts in transparent accounting and the speedy resolution of all issues related to leasing and rent.

– McSherry Property Management is number one in responsiveness and accessibility. We are here 24/7 for property owners like you and your tenants. We nourish the ecosystem so that it would thrive. This is the only real, long-term solution for maintaining property appreciating in the long-term. Let’s start working toward our common goals.

– McSherry Property Management is known for its sterling, strategic advice. You will never feel left out or unprepared. Our managers and staff will always place you in the loop, and you will be informed of everything, from significant changes in the rental market to necessary maintenance work.

When Should You Hire McSherry Property Management?

Commercial property owners should consider hiring McSherry Property Management if:

  • You have a large or growing number of business property for rent. In general, the higher the number of commercial properties under your name, the more you will benefit from having a property management company taking care of things for you.
  • Your residence is far from your commercial property rental. Entrusting your commercial property for lease to McSherry Property Management ensures that you would still fulfill your responsibilities and obligations to your tenants, even from afar. There are countless issues that you cannot quickly resolve remotely.
  • Hands-on management of your small business office space, commercial warehouse, or retail property is not your cup of tea. Some landlords are built for handling the strings of emergencies and problems related to finding tenants and maintaining order in their rental properties. However, some property owners don’t have the desire to be hands-on, and this is entirely acceptable. If you lack the technical know-how (or even energy) to maintain your investments, let a professional and highly experience property management company do it for you.
  • You don’t have time. Managing even a single property can mean late-night calls and work after business hours. This is a fact of life with managing commercial properties and residential properties alike. If being a landlord is not your primary source of income, and you have many other things to attend to, don’t let your lifestyle get in the way of efficient and profitable management of your properties. Focus on growing your investments instead of trying to fix leaks at 2 AM. There is a much better use for your time and energy – leave the rest to McSherry Property Management.
  • The costs are affordable. Whether property management is affordable or not depends on the present market conditions. When the market is down, you may be more interested in just trying to manage everything yourself. If not, then let a property management company manage things for you. In the process, the value of your commercial property will be best preserved, and you won’t have to worry about vacancies, either.
  • The management tasks are piling up. It is no secret that growing businesses require more time and effort to maintain. You may find yourself suddenly falling behind the things you need to accomplish to keep your properties functioning correctly and your tenants happy. When day-to-day property management has become too burdensome, and all the processes are now consuming all your time, you need help. At this point, hiring a property management company to help lighten the load makes sense.
  • You don’t want to hire people. Becoming an employer on top of your duties can strain you further as a commercial property owner. You need to invest in training and spend a bit more time making sure that your staff knows what they are doing. You can avoid these hassles by working with a property management company that can take care of all the tasks that require additional staff. Since McSherry Property Management is neither an independent contractor nor an employee, there is no need to fret about these things anymore.