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Renting to College Students: Benefits and Disadvantages

Written By: on February 21, 2021 In the US, 55% of college students live in on-off campus rental housing. This segment comprises a bigger chunk compared to those who live in on-campus accommodations. College students also account for 12% of the total rental unit occupancies in the country in 2020. The Fair Housing Act indicates that for the most part, you can’t refuse to rent to people just because they’re college students. Some states also have very specific laws that can get landlords fined if they decide to decline a renter based on arbitrary characteristics. But should you open your 2-bedroom house for rent or any [...]
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Marketing Best Practices for Property Managers

Written By: on February 7, 2021

If you are a property manager who has just gotten around to beginning your digital marketing efforts and have no roadmap yet, you’re in for a treat. Today marks day one of your digital marketing boot camp. Today’s blog will cover the essentials of marketing for asset management in Philadelphia 19152, accounting in Philadelphia PA Oxford Circle, and those who manage Philadelphia homes for rent, business property for rent, office building for rent, and commercial property for lease, etc. This guide will also help property management in Willow Grove, property management in northeast Philadelphia, and surrounding locales. Moving to Digital […]